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AgriNews is India’s Ultimate AgriNews Portal, the leader in providing Agri and allied sectors’ latest news and rich content to the farming community 365 days a year. It is designed to impart farming fraternity with research, professional and experience-based content to enhance the efficiency and profitability of their operations. The AgriNews is created in the spirit of stewardship for the earth and regard for its inhabitants.

The exclusive Agri news portal office is based out in Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India. AgriNews is an online magazine with a companion of website and mobile application technology grown up into an online-only magazine with Agri and allied sectors’ content providers under one umbrella.

More than a decade of covering innovation has given us a truly unique audience; scientists, academicians, corporate executives, subject experts, entrepreneurs, progressive farmers, research scholars, futurists, and decision-makers, all of whom strive to be well-informed.

The “average” AgriNews.in readers are corporate executives, progressive, small and marginal farmers, entrepreneurs, students and scholars, housewives, and serious part-time farmers.

88% of AgriNews readers are 25+

75% of AgriNews readers are male
30% of AgriNews readers have a household income of over Rs. 1000,000
85% of AgriNews readers have a college degree
80% of AgriNews readers have a post-graduate degree

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