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ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru to host training program under ‘Winter School’ from Jan 9 to 29, 2024


ICAR-NIANP, Bengaluru, to host a training program under Winter School on ‘Livestock Production, GHG Emissions, and Environmental Pollutants: Mitigation and Bioremediation’ sponsored by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

By 2050, global demand for livestock products is expected to increase by 60%. The livestock industry is under intense pressure to meet the growing demand for safe, nutritious livestock-derived products. To improve productivity and welfare, animals must be fed adequate, balanced diets free of toxins and contaminants.

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The training program, which combines theory and practical demonstrations, is intended for NARS researchers and academicians.

The following broad areas will be covered under the Winter School Training:

  • Greenhouse gas emission (GHGs) emissions from animal-agriculture
    • Impact of climate change on production and reproduction
    • Environmental pollutants and Anti Microbial Resistance: Implications and Bioremediation
    • Uncertainties in GHG quantification from animal-agriculture
    • Methodologies for enteric methane measurement
    • Methane mitigation approaches
    • Models for predicting greenhouse gas emission from animal farm
    • Abiotic stress and ameliorative measures
    • Nutritional stress and corrective measures
    • Molecular methods to explore rumen microbial diversity
    • Bioinformatic tools for rumen microbial studies
    • Newer feed resources and least cost ration formulation
    • Statistical Application for in vitro and in vivo animal studies
    • Estimation of volatile fatty acid by gas chromatography
    • Pesticides residues and heavy metal analysis using GCMS/MS, LCMS/MS and ICPMS
    • Hydroponics and aeroponics cultivation for the quality fodders availability

Check out the below link for more information on the Winter School.

ICAR Sponsored Winter School on ‘Livestock Production, GHG Emissions and Environmental Pollutants: Mitigation and Bioremediation from 09 January – 29 January 2024

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